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…i can see your house from here

August 26, 2012 1 comment

As I was taking a trip with the family, we drove through the mountains of PA. For those that have taken a trip across this state, it’s partially awesome and mostly annoying….great views and terrible road closures/delays.

As we were driving over a massive bridge, I looked from side to side . I began to take in the majesty of the trees, mountains and towns below (while listening to my favorite Spotify playlist)…thinking all in the van were asleep. To my surprise, my six year-old proclaimed, “daddy, I can see the whole world from here!”

Now, I know that this kid is smart enough to understand that there is more to the world than what is around her. I imagine, it was the best creative proclamation that she could muster in order to convey her feelings.

Perspective is something that I feel very passionate about…very passionate. Did I mention how passionate?

How many times in our daily lives do we react to a situation or interact with those around us with blinders on to what’s beyond? Better yet, how often do we take the time to ensure that our response is appropriate to the situation?

Enjoy the moment, take in what is around you – but realize that there is so much more…just takes time, effort and desire to seek it out.

..make wise choices,


…object permanence

January 30, 2012 2 comments

We are all hoarders.

Most do not appear on television, covered in filth and living amongst feces covered rodents. There are plenty of valid reasons to store things and we are not talking about that…we are talking about the aberration of that.

It dawned on me the other day that I am an information hoarder, compulsively collecting, categorizing and storing information for no other reason than pure habit.

For me, that, was email – the MS Outlook PST file storage compulsion.

I had this epiphany when I was moving from a Windows 7 laptop to a Mac Book Air. Simply put, Macs don’t support having a PST file (aside from a one time import of mailboxes).

I’ll not delve into a useless religious diatribe of why one vs the other, because both are truly suitable for use in the business world. There are some advantages and disadvantages for each one. I needed something very light, powerful and killer battery life. If you are thinking iPad, please stop reading now, close your browser and punch yourself to sleep. I love my iPad…but this is not the time for that discussion.

I had not realized how liberating it was to actually delete emails (of course nothing in the digital world is truly deleted) and focus on more productive activities versus filing and searching. I realized that I could rely on a combination of internally and externally hosted collaboration services.  Did I have every email that I sent and received at my fingertips? No I did not. Did I need to have that? Hell no!

What are you hoarding?

…make wise choices.


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…service providing “partner”

December 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Often we rely on a variety of people and systems for the delivery of what we will ultimately consume. All too often, there is no clarity of product/service provided within IT such that you get what you get.

We must endeavor to provide clarity as to the services we provide, the way in which they are measured and their overall inherent value. Would anyone go to a restaurant and order “Dish 1”, without knowing what it costs or what it actually is besides “food”? The answer is hell no. All too often, service providers position themselves as partners, in order to obfuscate accountability.

If you cannot tell the difference between a Service Provider and Partner/Team member – then it is time to reconsider your overall relationship.

…make wise choices


…farmer or gardener?

November 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Let’s talk about scaling talent a little bit. There are plenty of content out there centering around developing leadership as one grows throughout the enterprise. The topic of being self-aware, evolving your style and approach as you climb the proverbial corporate ladder is a popular one.

I believe, that a lesser explored topic is just as important and relevant to the overall success of a leader. That topic is Personal Elasticity. Ultimately, an individual needs to understand the dynamics of larger (or smaller organizations), map them to corporate culture and marry them to an execution plan (over simplifying here I realize…). The reality is that leading a co-located team of a handful of individuals is vastly different than being a part of a larger, globally federated team with both direct matrix relationships.

While this seems like a no brainer, it never ceases to amaze me how often we as leaders make the fundamental mistake of repetition on previous approaches to organizational leadership and simply failing to adapt. Often, there is no awareness of this as we do not take the time to build peer relationships that provide this type of valuable perspective.

…Who are you?

…make wise choices.