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Been a bit…got lazy..
The other day I watched Louie (love me some Louis CK) and it’s the episode that depicts him struggling through a stand-up routine in an Atlantic City lounge. So he’s not doing so well – folks not engaged, low energy and a generally depressing tempo of jokes. Louie goes into a rant on how much casinos stink and that folks are idiots for giving their money to Donald Trump (his venue was the a Trump hotel). Naturally this does not sit well with management and after an emotional back and forth, he quits. He puts his personal ethos for comedy (no holds barred..) before receiving a clearly needed paycheck.
Later that night, while moping around feeling sorry for himself, he stumbles into a much larger venue with Joan Rivers performing. This lady is, of course ancient and is walking the stage and actually making folks laugh. He chats with her and fast forwarding to the end – she has a very motivating perspective.
She reminds him that certain folks have a calling to do something great. In her example – this is to be a comedian (of course). Sometimes things suck, sometimes they don’t – but you never ever quit. Sure she makes some crude references to Betty White’s body parts and discusses some sexual acts that I’ll not repeat – but the message is clear. Beautifully and passionately conveyed from an old comic to a younger comic. Well done!
I do not know why – but for some random reason, this episode charged me up and put some pep in my step!
The message here, is that motivation comes from the strangest of places. You may not always see it coming but when it hits you, it sticks.
…make wise choices,
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