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…i’m telling mom

September 9, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Yesterday, I was listening to a person recount a recent experience at a gas station (in NJ we are not allowed to pump our own gas). Without going into great detail, the bottom line was that the pump attendant was slow, rude and lazy, even lacking basic math/change-making skills. Complaining did nothing, so the best situation was to simmer and drive away…

My initial retort was “what did you expect from a gas station”? For which, I was slapped back with “I expected people to do their jobs”!

Hard to fight that logic…or is it?

I racked my brain to think of a witty come-back and the best I could offer was “you should adjust your expectations so that you are prepared to be disappointed”.

Most jobs, industries and sectors have checks and balances in place. We can argue the efficacy of those and whom they truly serve. The checks and balances rely on people not doing their jobs! Simply put we expect people (I’m generalizing here to make a point, so stop cursing at your screen) to do what the gas station attendant did…and not perform.

Fast forward to a conversation that I had with a person at a home improvement store where we were sharing similar stories. Some stories extended into the retail/supply chain jobs. I was pretty proud of myself, yip yapping about how people just need to do their jobs and things would be so much easier.

Towards the end of the conversation, this person, looked at me with a furled brow and said “…if everyone did what they were supposed to, I could not feed my family”.

Dang…he got me.

…make wise choices,


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