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Today is a day of reflection. Interesting events unfolded over the past few weeks that have given me both positive reinforcement and yet have shed light on those individuals in my life that I need to abandon.

One of the positive events that took place was a conversation that I had with an individual, where he told me “Stan, I would not have been here without you”.  That’s a powerful and impactful statement. It was help and advice often offered for absolutely no personal or professional gain whatsoever…just the right thing to do for someone.

How many times have you done something similar for someone?

On the flip side, an unfortunate and uncontrollable series of events also took place. This brought out behaviors from individuals, whereas grandstanding and self-serving actions took center stage. The sad part is that this was expected…the great part is that this was expected.

The lesson? As I have offered advice in past posts, it always makes sense to know what people are capable of and to understand what impact they may have on your success. Of course, the reverse also applies!

Some impacts are positive, some negative…decide if you are a creator or a destroyer.

…make wise choices,


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