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I have had conversations a number of times with individuals inside and outside of the workplace about advancement. People often ask for advice on promotions, lateral career moves as well as ideas on growth. Not pretending to be some career Grand Poobah, however, I recognize that people like to bounce ideas off of those around them and/or who they perceive as being successful. I’m not picky about receiving compliments and will take whatever I can get!

Aside from key themes in my previous posts about execution, commitment, communication and teamwork there are three items that bubble to the top of the list. Consistency, accuracy and intensity are those traits that come to mind. Among others (in my opinion), these are the hallmarks of people that i admire and are successful (at least in my opinion).

What about all of the other classic traits? In my opinion, information is easier to access, thereby experience and knowledge is less relevant (in some cases at least). The focus should be on capacities to learn, adapt and be resilient – connect with others in order to deliver on commitments.

Consistency, accuracy and intensity are the vehicles by which one can elevate themselves above all others and stand out!

What vehicle are you driving?

…make wise choices,


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