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…is that an ego in your pocket?

As most of my writing is inspired by a conversation or interaction with someone, this one is most certainly no different. After debate on the merits of self-confidence in the workplace, I was given some interesting feedback regarding my ego. I am not making references to the notion of Egosyntonic or Egodystonic relationships as they apply to Freudian themes (trust me, this is definitely a separate topic).

My topic is one of confidence vs. arrogance. and the balance that is increasingly hard to maintain in our hyper-competitive global marketplace. So I embarked on some introspection on this topic the other night as I often do…while sipping a bit of my favorite beverage.

My conclusion was pretty simple – I believe that it is ok to healthy ego. For me, it is like a seesaw dipping at times into arrogance and at times into confidence. This is a constant tuning exercise that requires enough Emotional Intelligence to know which is appropriate to your situational .If one is to follow this analogy or extremes, what is the fulcrum? What is required to balance things out so to speak?

In my mind, a few things help keep focus and perspective. First and foremost, acknowledge that there is someone better than you (this has been a theme in a few posts). Second, despite our evolutionary desires, treat people as equally as practical (again a key theme in my posts). Lastly, help someone by doing something – become a mentor or better yet a sponsor!

Which side of the seesaw do you prefer? Do you realize that you are even on one?

…make wise choices,



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