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…does this make me look fat?

It is important that we all understand the benefits of receiving feedback from those around us – those who we trust. Whether that is explicit verbal feedback, nuances in body language and/or other means of non-verbal communication.

We should seek to understand how we are perceived in the eyes of others, in as many scenarios as practical. Not so much so we can change who we are (that, of course is a choice), but so that we can understand the impact that we have in personal and professional lives.

When you seek to understand how you look from the outside, you gain tremendous insight that can serve to create new opportunities. It is all about perspective, as invariably there will be those that offer feedback, which may be predicated on thoughts/feelings not relevant to the situation on which it is based upon (re-read the last sentence). Of course, you should be ready to receive feedback that you do not like, and in some cases do not agree with and/or are offended by…that’s ok.

This is not an argument or a conflict inducing exercise. This is a catalyst for introspection.

…make wise choices


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