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…every day is Monday

The other day, I attended the Google Atmosphere Tour in NY. It went as expected, with typical a Google-centric view on how their products and services are awesome…..no shocker there. The keynote speaker was Don Tapscott, who discussed our changing times, how we have become an hyper-interconnected world. This, in turn, has created a business and cultural transformation with shifting paradigms for everything we do – a massively complex topic to fit in a 30 mins speech. Many of the folks there (packed crowd) were tweeting, updating facebook accounts and/or looking at their free goodies….I was listening (fine fine, I sent 1 tweet).

The message from the speaker was fairly compelling; we do not predict the future, we create it.

So this got me thinking about what motivates us, propels us to accomplish great things (for those who dare). As I walked back to my car, I overheard a few folks having a conversation that ended with “thank god it is almost Friday.”

This got me thinking – why is Friday so great? Is it because the weekend us around the corner and folks need to recharge, spend time with family and/or catch up on sleep? Is it due to people’s lives being so seemingly terrible that they need to escape to the safety of the weekend? Is it a mental milestone, that when accomplished, seems to rigger a rush of dopamine? I’ll not circle the proverbial bowl discussing the fascinating concepts of neuroplasticity and how our behaviors are shaped…another time perhaps.

I often think about the impact of technology and globalization on culture, communication and collaboration – in work and personal life. How different cultures perceive time is an awesome topic that deserves a long conversation (just not now). How are our lives shaped by the time we spend with each other, the time we spend alone – and the time we spend in transitionary phases?

Is there really such a thing as a weekend off or is it about maximizing the time we have, regardless of what day? I am a firm believer in the latter, as Friday is no different, better or worse than Sunday. As our personal and professional lives continue to overlap, it is up to us to determine what drives us and how we find balance.

For me it is a simple concept.

When people walk by me and feel compelled to proclaim – it’s Friday, my retort is often the same four words…

…make wise choices.


  1. Derek Evans
    June 6, 2012 at 8:35 pm

    Its an interesting topic time. I my thought are somewhat aligned with Stan’s. For me I am several people (roles), IT professional, Father, Husband, Photographer, Friend, Coach and so on… The weekend just means that I’m changing my focus. Which means who I interact with, goals I am aiming for or roles that I need to sustain (Coach, Father, Husband). All of which should be given the same level of energy assuming you have it. Maybe we have more energy on the weekends? Maybe that why Friday is so exciting?

    Trying to make wise choices…..Derek

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