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Motivation to overcome challenges comes from many places. I often look to examples where I can convey this in a fashion that I would be comfortable teaching my children. I realize that conveying the importance of a Bug Out Bag, for instance to a 5-year-old is probably not the best example so I have a much simpler one.

I was having coffee this morning on my deck, as I often do on Saturdays as I watched my 1-year old play with his ball through a window. Now, he and this ball have been having an ongoing battle of wits – a power struggle of control over the playroom. I watched him progress from sidestepping away from the ball whenever it came within a comfortable proximity, graduate to him yelling at it, finally to assault. This red ball was his Moriarty, his Voldemort…his Nemesis.

I can draw parallels to my own experiences and say that many of the challenges that I have faced and crushed, were done so because I compartmentalized the situation into an quantifiable entity. Sometimes, these were based on real people, others instances were of fictional derivations.  If you can humanize a challenge, then you can almost certainly always defeat it!

So tell me, what is your challenge, and more importantly…who is your nemesis?


…make wise choices


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