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…the art of disengagement

There are certainly no shortages of opinions on how to engage employees, customers, colleagues and people in our personal lives.  What has not been focused on too much is how to disengage. There comes a time (and I am being very general here), where the cost of goods, services and/or emotional investment simply does not justify continued expenditure .

The challenge becomes, understanding when that tipping point is upon us and disengaging in a fashion such that continued growth/maturity in the areas that do justify investment continue to occur. Whether that is parting with a customer (as certain airlines have done), friends (hey x-mas cards are expensive), and/or  personal interests (use your imagination) – there is a wrong way and a right way.

So start practicing disengaging….trim that Linked-in list, Facebook Friends list, Twitter…etc – its pretty darn cathartic.

…make wise choices


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