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…do you know how to operate your equipment?

November 28, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Something interesting happened to me this past weekend that I am compelled to share. I was taking the holiday photos of the children in the home studio, as we usually do this time of year. This year was especially challenging as we added a new one to the mix and he does take a little bit more coaxing than the older kids to strike that perfect pose.We were snapping away, while cleverly trying to keep the kids smiling and engaged. A juggling act, as we were also trying to have them look at the lens instead of my wife, who was standing slightly off camera.

After a bout 45 minutes or so, varying poses, begging, pleading and yelling – my softbox/strobe lights overheated. I scurried to stick on my on-shoe flash (remember folks I am a wanna be photographer here…) and had some serious issues with the camera settings as I had dialed everything in to use the off-shoe strobe flashes. Kids melted down….well I did actually…shoot over. Then, almost summing up the entire session, got the gentle poke of you just don’t know how to operate your equipment. At first my reaction was that of any normal person, angry and defensive…not a good recipe for the current situation….we’ll fade to black here and see how I can draw parallelism to the point I am trying to make.

The reality is that I was relying too much on post-processing (ala – Photoshop), versus really taking the time to learn the mechanics of all the equipment that I have invested in over the years. So there is the hook – do we as leaders of people invest the time to ensure that team members have the knowledge necessary to use the equipment that is at their disposal? At times, we spend money and time on acquiring new products/services with very little afterthought on intelligent sustainability.

Invest in learning as much as we invest in technology…

…make wise choices.


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