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…doomsday rant II

So I was watching one of those 2012 doomsday shows on TV the other day…we won’t get into why. They were focusing on idiots that were convinced that 12/21/2012 was the end of the world….Mayans, Planet X, Solar Flares….etc.

One winner drained his pool and had 12 plants growing under a plastic tarp, also running his own e-busines for other like-minded suckers. This guy did not stop there, oh no – he also bought a few solar panels, gas masks and other sundries. He was a consultant for an interesting community of people that simulated doomsday by camping outdoors for a few days to measure their preparedness.

Drops of reality;

  • It takes more than a few plants to feed a human being…why the hell would you use water on plants…instead of drinking it to survive?
  • You need more than a few solar panels to store and use solar energy. Besides- what would you use it to power…cell phone…laptop…TV?
  • What the heck are you going to do with a gas mask? Are you going to find a clean environment to change filters at regular intervals?
  • Are you going to decontaminate before you eat or drink water? I presume you have military canteens that have inserts for the gas mask water adapter?

Message here is that if you really think that the world  as we know it will end next year – you better start getting used to living in a cave, licking rocks for salt and sucking water out of plants….and eating just about anything that you can catch and kill. All that, while avoiding the well armed crazies – that presumably turned into cannibals (ala The Road).

If (and when) the end really comes, just hug your family and enjoy the ride.

…make wise choices.


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