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…there is no grass on the other side

Many people have a false sense of awareness and self worth. That is, they perceive themselves more valuable than they actually are perceived to be by those around them. I have mentioned this before, so don’t tune out yet….

Those same individuals often base their decisions solely on these perceptions – without any validation or feedback from trusted sources. Often, this is most evident when people decide to pursue other career opportunities. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge advocate for managing one’s career. There is a way that is constructive though, and of course a way that is ultimately destructive.

Instead, I am merely suggesting that prior to leaving a place of employment – understand that there is a reason that the position is vacant. I have lost count of the number of times someone sent me updates recounting their misery at a new place of employment. Often times, it is only then, when they realize that an over-inflated sense of self worth (not to be confused with a healthy ego and confidence) was a major source for misreading an opportunity and the challenges presented with starting over.

…make wise choices.


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