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…what kind of impact are you making?

RIP 12/5/1970 - 4/20/2011

Not Sure if anyone follows the plethora of conflicts that the US feels compelled to get involved in these days.  Not sure if anyone cares; while they sip their coffee, play Angry Birds and die a little bit each and every day. Recently, a brilliant accomplished Photographer, Director  & Film maker was killed by enemy action in Misrata, Libya.

Despite being wildly popular with his gritty photographic depictions of war on combatants and non-combatants alike – he kept on going, continuously heading towards danger.

Despite collaborating on books such as InfidelWar, which were considered very successful depictions of combat life in Afghanistan – he kept on going, kept on taking risks.

Despite Directing the film/documentary Restrepo which brings to life the somber facets of sustained combat operations – he kept going.

He left behind his stories and pictures – often of men that were injured and/or killed during his embedded tours and men that were broken when they came home. He was able to tell the stories of how some faced their deaths, which many family members never get to understand or experience – only wonder.

This is what kind of impact Tim Heatherington made upon this planet…what kind of impact are you making?

…make wise choices


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