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… who are you?

Recent events have forced me to ponder what actually should have been my first post (hint: I allude to it in the about me page). How would you answer the question, if asked – who are you? I suppose it would depend on the situational context, by which this question was presented…I agree a total evasion of my question. I should not argue with myself like this.

Each of us has a mental construct of who we are, and the order by which we present ourselves. If I fast forward to the point of my question – it is to point out the  obvious nugget of advice…do not invest too much time in any one identity.

A significant change in the underlying situation that governs our identities may throw folks into a bit of a spiral (think Psychology 101; Id, Ego and Superego). Case in point is a person who is proud to be a Banker and nothing else….then loses his Banker job.

A bit wordy, I realize, however I think I have made my point.

…make wise choices.


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