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…reputation erasure

The vast majority of individuals spend years building their reputations with diligent efforts, cultivating personal relationships and driving results within their workplace and personal life. Having spent that kind of time on these activities, it never ceases to amaze me how easily individuals can fall into a false sense of entitlement and try to feed off of the credit that they believe they have amassed.

Some believe that you are only as good as your last assignment/task/product. Others believe that there is a personal currency that is always at play, which shapes the way one is perceived and treated. I’ll admit, my opinion falls to the former versus the latter as individuals always seem to remember the mistakes that others make versus their accomplishments. I am not necessarily saying that I agree with that mentality, however, that does seem to be the trend.

So what can one do? This is an interesting question that has a very simple answer – keep driving and delivering on commitments, developing relationships and deployment of products! It is challenging, at times, maintaining a consistently elevated operational tempo and some would argue unsustainable. To that I’ll simply reply;

If you are feeling entitled, you will turn into the equivalent of a  slug…

If you are a slug, you will be passed by…

If you are passed by, you will become irrelevant…

If you become irrelevant, eventually you will fade away into the pool of mediocrity.

…make wise choices.


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