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…are you vaporware?


Noun: Software or hardware that has been advertised but is not yet available to buy, either because it is only a concept or because it is still being written or designed.


I had an interesting conversation with a few folks the other day regarding their personal brand. I challenged them to help me understand what their product was – they seemed perplexed. We then had a spirited chicken/egg discussion regarding which is more important. The conversation ended, I walked away convinced that they honestly thought that it was more important to have a brand than a product.

Don’t get me wrong, I firmly believe that both are crucial aspects of a personal’s overall value proposition to a company, team, heck – even a potential mate! That being said, it is my opinion that you start to invest in the product first, and where you have enough critical mass – you create and share the brand. I have met many individuals in my personal and professional life, both in the public sector and private sector. The notion of a personal product standing behind their personal brand is a foreign concept to many of them. In a time where intense global competition has come to the forefront in our lives – ensuring that your brand is built on a product is one of the most fundamental ways to stand out and be recognized!

…make wise choices.


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